Hey there.

The photo on the left is me, your resident writer, circa spring of 2019. The Hollywood sign is somewhere behind me, but it’s a lot harder to get good photos of it than Instagram would have you believe.

Anyway. I love this planet, I think nature is pretty neat, and I don’t want tigers to go extinct.

I started this blog with the hope of sharing some of the things I’m passionate about – writing, philosophy, and our awe-inspiring planet – with others who, like me, are new to environmental activism and are trying to figure out how to get started.

In time, I hope to add more contributors to the site, as there are definitely people more qualified than myself to talk about these things. For now, feel free to hit me up with all your questions, comments, and concerns. I’ll get to them during down-time at my day job.



Maybe it seems odd that someone would get excited over the correct use of kerning and tracking, or know what they are for that matter, but not to me. You see, both kerning and tracking refer to letter spacing but they differ because… 

Sorry. Moving on.

I’ve been designing for most of my life, and I love it. As a kid, I designed logos and illustrated on any scrap of paper I could find. Honestly, I still do that. Designing now happens to be my job, but remains my favorite and most enjoyable hobby. 

Five years ago, I began freelancing. I’ve designed for companies across the country, from California to New England, and across the pond in Hong Kong. I’m always open to new work and challenges, so please reach out, and let’s make your masterpiece.

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